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Healing the Heart
Knowing the Soul
Opening to the Spiritual Force Within 


The Retreat

Medicine Path Retreats serve to escort to you into the time and place where you will ignite, at the altar of life, the remembrance of who you truly are: your clear and loving authentic self. It is in this sacred space where true healing and enlightenment reside. In this time out of time you will contact your inner voice of wisdom within for the healing of body, mind, spirit and ignite the joyous soul.

We come into this life as pure light beings, sweet innocent spiritual warriors, ready to take on this new world before us. We arrive filled with light, pure love and trust.  Then, from the influence of family dynamics, social intercourse, religion, schools, relationships and “growing up”, the light becomes dimmed. We trust less, construct defenses and are met with obstacles triggered by fear, doubt and shame.  Through meditation and interactive processes in retreat you will gain the wisdom of knowing and remembering who your clear and joyous self truly is. This gathering in paradise will be to light a personal beacon, to lead the way to peace of mind, satisfaction, stillness and abundance in all ways.


Ritual and Ceremony

This will be a ritual and ceremonial time. Yoga in the morning led at all levels in the Yoga palapa with jungle behind us and the Caribbean Sea and sands to the front.  Together we will build a sacred altar of fire where will be placed your doubts, fears, shame and the old, no longer useful patterns and addictions that have caused pain and limitations. All will be cleared through deep inner work and ritually sacrificed in the ritual way with the element of fire that will allow you to let go of the obstacles and begin anew, cleansed and with confidence.

In our days together I will lead the way in meditations, interactive communication, rituals and ceremonies to activate a positive, dynamic shift in the depth of your being. Together we will heal in laughter and tears.

We will have a visit and lecture from a Mayan elder to tell of the indigenous ways and how we can adopt this wisdom into our daily lives.


We will sit at the communal table of abundance to be in gratitude for the bounty given us by the glorious Yucatan. You will be served incredible meals by our chef and host Nuno Dos Santo Silva who will craft your meals from the products of  local farms, ranches and waters into incredible pure fresh, delicious meals, catering to all dietary desires.

The beautiful sand and sea of the Caribbean will be our playing field and setting for this sacred journey.


You will leave our days together with the resolve and strength of the true spiritual warrior, Goddesses and heroes all, with an open heart and the strength of the tribe to serve you for all your days.

Remembering who you are = Enlightenment


“I did not know what to expect from this retreat and from Bobby Klein who I did not know, just heard about. The days at the retreat have opened so may beautiful doors for me. I am feeling who I really am.Thank you Bobby.” —DYV…New York

“The most profound experience of my life so far.” –LYM…London

“The Medicine Path Gathering has changed me for the better in uncountable ways. I will miss the tribe.” — JDM…New York

“Love, rebirth, powerful, tears, laughter, tranquility, trust and learning about myself in this world and loving me.” Thank you!!”
— LLdP…Venice, CA


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